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Picking the right tool for the job

Life as a UX professional is busy. One day you’re trawling through pages of content, then you’re doing wireframes, next you’re user testing and not to mention presenting results to clients. We built our tools to help our consultants work… Read More »

Card sorting Q&A discussion with Donna Spencer next Friday

Each month we host an hour long question and answer session with Donna Spencer, author of the book “Card Sorting: Defining Usable Categories“. This is an opportunity for you to bring your tricky questions to the (virtual) table and also… Read More »

Friends from competitors

Meeting our competitors at Websort

Our “Would you like a book with that?” promotion

Donna Spencer has written a great book on card sorting which comes out on April 28th.  We think it’s such a great book that we are giving away a copy of a book with every OptimalSort subscription. It’s simple.  Buy… Read More »