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‘Pay per survey’ plan now available

You’ve asked for it, and now you have it. If you have a survey to conduct and you’d like a fixed price per survey instead of subscription pricing you can now Pay Per Survey. This option is designed for those who:… Read More »

Hybrid card sorting

 New feature added to OptimalSort today: the Hybrid card sorting option. What’s does this new feature do? When creating a new survey in OptimalSort, you are asked to choose a card sort type in the ‘Categories’ tab. Before today, you… Read More »

New features added to OptimalSort

Today, we released the new OptimalSort from the ‘bleeding edge’ to the public. ‘Bleeding edge’ is our beta platform for users to test our new designs and offer us valuable feedback. Why is it called the ‘bleeding edge’? Because testing… Read More »

New OptimalSort features released

One of the most commonly requested features for OptimalSort is the ability to change the way participants identify themselves.  We used to collect email addresses as the primary way of identifying participants to card sort administrators.  This can be a… Read More »