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Validating personas using Chalkmark

Recently we used simple Chalkmark surveys to gather data to refine the Optimal Workshop personas. While Chalkmark was never designed for this specific purpose, it worked well. We were able to test our ideas and develop new theories about how… Read More »

Picking the right tool for the job

Life as a UX professional is busy. One day you’re trawling through pages of content, then you’re doing wireframes, next you’re user testing and not to mention presenting results to clients. We built our tools to help our consultants work… Read More »

Have you experienced cute design?

One of the guys was installing Microsoft Office on his home notebook that he brought in today. The DVDs came in a fancy new plastic case with soft rounded corners. Its contents gracefully swivel out courtesy of an innovative corner… Read More »

A trusty steed

A reflection on Optimal Workshop's reliability challenges.