The sections features content on creating and running effective first-click tests using Chalkmark. Read research stories, case studies, and see how others have used card sorting to solve real problems and get priceless insights into the minds of users and teams.

  • A snapshot of Optimal Workshop customers
  • Our User Research team recently invited a number of our users to complete a survey in order to develop a wider snapshot of how people use our tools. Read on for the results!
  • A short guide to personas
  • Are you thinking of using personas? Read on to understand what they are, the process for making them and how to use our very own Chalkmark to validate them.

  • Post-task questions for Treejack and Chalkmark
  • You can now set specific task-related questions for both Treejack and Chalkmark. This is a great way to dive deeper in the minds of all of your participants. Check out how to use this new feature here!
  • Does the first click really matter? Treejack says yes
  • A paper published in 2009 established a positive link between first clicks and task success in scenario-based user tests. We've followed this study up by analyzing data from millions of tree tests. Here's what we found.
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