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first click treejack

Does the first click really matter? Treejack says yes

A paper published in 2009 established a positive link between first clicks and task success in scenario-based user tests. We’ve followed this study up by analyzing data from millions of tree tests. Here’s what we found.

Thanksgiving, Chalkmark, and the biggest Turkey: Study findings

We created and ran a Chalkmark study with a Thanksgiving theme. Read the ridiculous key findings, participate in the fun study, or check out the live results.

Your first impressions of our new Chalkmark design

Within seconds, people form opinions on you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanour, and even your shiny shoes. You can’t deny that you do the same — we all pre-evaluate in some way. The smallest of changes in your appearance can transform how people view you for the first time. Change those pink chinos to blue jeans…

TV Interface testing with Chalkmark

Testing websites and intranets is a common practice when using the Optimal Workshop tools. But as you may know, we can apply these tools to places outside desktop computers, tablets and phones. To show you how we can expand the testing canvas into other mediums, I decided to use Chalkmark (first-click testing tool), to compare the TV Interfaces of three major…

Validating personas using Chalkmark

Recently we used simple Chalkmark surveys to gather data to refine the Optimal Workshop personas. While Chalkmark was never designed for this specific purpose, it worked well. We were able to test our ideas and develop new theories about how you all behave. Here is what we did. We developed theories about our personas. We segmented our database according to…

Have you experienced cute design?

One of the guys was installing Microsoft Office on his home notebook that he brought in today. The DVDs came in a fancy new plastic case with soft rounded corners. Its contents gracefully swivel out courtesy of an innovative corner hinge. The catch: you have to get it open first. Scissors? Teeth? Hammer? Just about everyone in the office had…

A trusty steed

A reflection on Optimal Workshop’s reliability challenges.