Our knowledge base sprint has begun — watch this space

You may have noticed that a lot has changed recently in the Optimal Workshop suite. New features, bug fixes, usability improvements and lipstick galore. To complement this exciting progress, we’re making a big effort this week to update and expand the content in our Knowledge Base. This is part of our broader content strategy that’s focused on making things easy for anyone…

The UX language debate — why it’s not a bad thing

Do you call yourself a UX Designer — or does the term make you recoil? The debate about what to call ourselves is fraught and ongoing. But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Congratulations you guys! Optimal Experience joins PwC

Optimal Experience, our beloved user experience consultancy sister company, has been acquired by the multinational professional services firm PwC. Woohoo!

Thoughts on what made Matt Mullenweg’s talk so compelling

WordPress is big. Like, quite big. If the entire web was a five-story building, websites powered by WordPress would take over one whole floor and a cubicle or two on the next. And if Matt gets his way, that building is one day going to be topped by a giant, glowing W. At least, that’s the impression he gave last…

What you want to see in an intranet

After attending Intranets2014 in Sydney and returning with a new understanding about the importance of a great intranet, we wanted to explore the topic further. So we ran a competition asking ‘What makes a good intranet?’ Here’s a brief summary of the common threads in the entries we received. Designed for real people Intranets should be designed with ‘a solid focus on…

Participant recruitment made easy and fast

Today we have an exciting new feature to announce. It’s probably the most requested feature of all time for us. And it’s finally here. You can now recruit survey participants through Optimal Workshop Cue applause and celebratory bells! No more haggling to get a banner on your homepage or a spot in a newsletter. No more gnashing of teeth as…

Meow! Check out these CATegories from our CatSort survey

We may not have discovered the secret to eternal youth, or a solution to climate change, or…well, anything of any value at all to anyone. But at least we’ve gained some insight into how people intuitively group cats. And that’s what you’re here to find out, right? We recently ran an OptimalSort cat pictures survey. For a card sort, any number of…

My realisations about intranets from attending Intranets2014

I have to admit, I had pretty low expectations for this intranets conference. I’m not even sure why. I should have stopped to think about it. It may have been a preconception that it would inadvertently end up being a big SharePoint tutorial. Or that intranets are boring. Anyway, whatever it was, I was wrong. Intranets are quite amazing. I…

User Testing — 7 ways to step up your freelance game

As a freelancer building websites, you’ve probably worked with clients who have resisted the idea of user testing. Read on to find out ways to bring user testing into the conversation from the start.

How to Spot and Destroy Evil Attractors in Your Tree (Part 1)

Dave O’Brien from Optimal Experience talks us through how to identify evil attractors in ours tree tests — and how we can fix them.