Your first impressions of our new Chalkmark design

Within seconds, people form opinions on you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanour, and even your shiny shoes. You can’t deny that you do the same — we all pre-evaluate in some way. The smallest of changes in your appearance can transform how people view you for the first time. Change those pink chinos to blue jeans…

Chalkmark and the Tao te Ching — A usability study for Iowa State University

Today, we present a usability study run and written by Dana Lynn as part of her Masters degree in HCI at Iowa State University. Dana’s report shows Chalkmark in action, and will give you insights from Dana into how to run and report on an effective usability study.

Two new books that have made our week

We’ve been excited about two new books here at Optimal Workshop this week — so we’ve decided to tell you about them. This is the first of our weekly blogs about what we’re reading here in our Wellington office.

Selling your design recommendations to clients and colleagues

If you’ve ever presented design findings or recommendations to clients or colleagues, then perhaps you’ve heard them say: “We don’t have the budget or resources for those improvements.” “The new executive project has higher priority.” “Let’s postpone that to Phase 2.” As an information architect, I‘ve presented recommendations many times. And I’ve crashed and burned more than once by doing…

Auditing the IRS With Treejack

Every year, the date April 15th strikes dread into the hearts of red-blooded Americans everywhere. Yes, folks, it’s the only other certain thing in life, besides death; it’s Tax Day. To shine a bit of light on an otherwise depressing topic, I thought it would be interesting to see how the public-facing website of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service would…