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UX in New Zealand with Richard Douglass

When we mention we’re headquartered in New Zealand, we typically get one of the following responses: 1. Lord of the Rings right? I heard it’s beautiful down there. (Yes, it is thanks) 2. Isn’t that like close to Australia? (Yes. Just a three-hour flight away) 3. I’d love to go there one day. Recently, UX consultant Richard Douglass got the opportunity to follow through on response #3. With his family of five he came here for 3-months working for our… Read More »

A developer’s experience of a UX conference

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I’m one of the developers at Optimal Workshop. Unlike others on the team, I don’t come from a user experience background. From that perspective, I’ve  always felt like a bit of an outsider in the UX world, so it was a great experience to go to UX Australia last month. It was also an eye-opening experience that led me to believe we must do more to foster trust and understanding between developers and designers. The first thing that struck me… Read More »

The marriage of content strategy and information architecture

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As a UX guy who’s worked in and out the web industry for about 20 years I’ve been exposed to some of the worst written web content you’re likely to see. I wrote it. Well, no one else was going to and that included the client and all of his/her colleagues. “What are we going to put here on the homepage?” “Oh I think Sarah’s got something.” Except she hasn’t. So the web producer [me] hacked something together with a… Read More »

Julian’s 5 tips for Tree Testing

Julian Apatu, Content Management Leader, PHARMAC

Julian Apatu has kindly offered us five tree testing tips following some recent studies he’s completed using Treejack. So, who is Julian? Julian Apatu is the Content Management Leader at PHARMAC, the New Zealand Government’s Pharmaceutical Management Agency. He has a strategic advisory role providing commentary on web strategy, governance, web standards and compliance. PHARMAC manages the Pharmaceutical Schedule, the list of pharmaceuticals and medical devices subsidised by the Government. PHARMAC’s role is double-edged; managing the available funding and expanding the… Read More »

4 options for running a card sort

This morning I eavesdropped a conversation between Amy Worley (@worleygirl) and The SemanticWill™ (@semanticwill) on “the twitters“. Aside from recommending two books by Donna Spencer (@maadonna), I asked Nicole Kaufmann, one of the friendly consultants at Optimal Usability, if she had any advice for Amy about reorganising 404 books into categories that make more sense. I don’t know Amy’s email address and this is much too long for a tweet. In any case I thought it might be helpful for someone else… Read More »

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