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UX Community and SaaS Marketing Ninja

I still remember the day we flicked the switch and released OptimalSort into the wild way back in 2007. It was an exhilarating and nerve racking moment in my life – would anyone actually use it? Does anyone else geek… Read More »

Validating personas using Chalkmark

Recently we used simple Chalkmark surveys to gather data to refine the Optimal Workshop personas. While Chalkmark was never designed for this specific purpose, it worked well. We were able to test our ideas and develop new theories about how… Read More »

Making (useful) information easy to find

Your job, and our job, is to make information easier to find. But is the stuff we’re making easier to find worthy of our users’ attention? The infographic below suggests that not finding what you want costs $1,200 per employee… Read More »

Keeping it easy

We started this business to help you make things easy to find. User research is all about the insights. That’s the buzz we’re looking for. We make premium tools for information architecture professionals. Our tools are powerful and so this… Read More »

Leading by Design

Our office has been abuzz lately with talk about service design. Everyone fancies design and being design-led, but how do you actually create a design-led organisation? The crew over at Optimal Usability (our parent company) have done some thinking and have a few suggestions: