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Optimal Workshop welcomes WebSort and PlainFrame users!

Today we have exciting and emotional news. Optimal Workshop has acquired WebSort and PlainFrame, two tools for card sorting and tree testing respectively. We’re really excited to be welcoming so many new users to Optimal Workshop on one day. Welcome!… Read More »

The State of UX in South East Asia

Sam Ng, our beloved founder at Optimal Workshop and all around good guy has spent the past two or three years in South East Asia working with education technology, for-profit social enterprise, and not-for-profit initiatives. This follows his 5 years… Read More »

Participant Experience Makeover

New OptimalSort! Over the past few months we have completely overhauled the participant experience for OptimalSort. Those in the know may have noticed that a beta version has been available for opt-in for a few months. Today I am excited… Read More »

How to pick cards for card sorting

People often ask about what to put on their cards to get the best results from a card sort with OptimalSort. We have some guidelines we use for our own card sorting activities. So here they are: Guidelines: Be consistent… Read More »

The Psychology of Survey Respondents

As Scott Smith wrote in his article “Why do People Participate as Respondents in a Survey?” there are several behavioural theories that underlie people’s decisions to respond to surveys. Here’s some of our thoughts about people’s motivations for responding to surveys.… Read More »